The Black Crater: Moon Runner Chronicles (EP)

by Young Drastic

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This is just a story from a Moon Runner (An Insomniac, Misfit or both. Really just someone who's different)


released November 23, 2012

Artwork: Zac Patterson
Production: Hiran Edge & Dante' 'Young Drastic" White
Written By: Dante "Young Drastic" White
Rapped/Sung By: Dante' "Young Drastic White



all rights reserved


Young Drastic Fort Mill, South Carolina

21 year old MC/Producer/Songwriter/Engineer (In progress)

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Track Name: Next Gen.
underestimation of a teen mc
is something not new to me
Nothing new to see
Saying my age has no wisdom
in a few years will l go ahead and get some
like thats some shit son
28 year old niggas
act like high schoolers
they partying and sipping on some wine coolers
but are they still wise?
All because of their time
Wiser than a nigga close to the prime
like what about mine
assumption is apart of your damn consumption
hope you choke on your thoughts
and let your philosophies rot
dead presidents
accepting the youth
so many niggas so hesitant
I guess that’s understandable
but why not fucking gamble though
take a chance on young niggas
some are chosen ones nigga
Maybe I am one nigga
with so much shit to count
My flow is Carowinds
cause my words are paramount
Track Name: Incoming Transmission (Why Did She Call Me?)
Chillen here playing XV
And thats when she called me
I mean of all things
been about a year since we last talked
Remembering when we used to share thoughts
she called and I picked up the phone
then I heard her real cute tone
then she said hello
over and over again
while partying with friends
and then I replied
hola with a sigh
not saying she missed me
that she’s with my bro at a party
party for her sister
Really wanted to say I missed her
but instead I hung up
sat for moment like fuck
Memories rushed back
Then I started writing this shit on my mac
she transferred, got a boyfriend
out the window went our friendship
she was a love interest
but its been a hot minute
Its always hot when the lights on
Not krispy kreme
but when the mics on
Missed when she came around
Now we only hear her about her in this town
and those talks are small
my 500 days of summer
or was she the fall
Who knows I just hated that call
that I got from her
made my day worse
At least she has me writing a verse
but her favorite song
reminds me of her
but she never heard of it
doesn’t know the words
Think she’s got me cursed
she wasn’t the first love
but was a good one
she believed one
day I would make self known
that I would sit on the throne. more reason why I hate her call to my phone.
It was sickening
was it like a trick and shit.
or really something different
got me so confused
even now she is a muse
but I am not amused
Its not me hating her
its that love is a curse
and this curse is the worse
Track Name: DEPARTURE!!!!
Youngster with no friend or girl
He took off on his own
to make sense of this other world
Is it his calling
meanwhile his parents balling
looking at a wrinkled note
saying he needs a get away
earth was draining him of hope
People rushing to the platform
classmates they clap for em
Before he goes and takes off
they just had to see him off
Blast Blast off
a minute til it comes to that
from the window of the ship
he sees a woman at the bottom that
is holding up a sign
saying will you be mine
his raps, they took her heart
since he recorded rhymes
but she ran out of time
The rocket shot to the sky
the two keep in touch
but that is one regret
he still keeps in his mind
living on the moon
hoping she’ll follow soon
making one of his dreams really come true....
Track Name: Moon Runner
On the moon running, like fucking elections
how’d I get up here
niggas should pay attention
Came up in a rocket
and now I’m getting mentioned
before I was rejected
cause of their objections
that my concepts never get intercepted
Middle finger to their fucking perceptions
made me sicker than indigestion
Guess being different
is what they call a a blessing
Its the life of a black sheep
Trying to live a dream
but I don’t sleep
It cost to make it
and its not cheap
gotta get mine
make a clean sweep
wrote this song
made this killer beat
It safe to say
that this track reaps
was Just another outcast on earth
Think ive been this way
like since my birth
no way I can blame shit
No way I would change shit
Its all just for my benefit
This Moon Runner life
was meant for it
I just hope
its for the best
sacrificing all this rest

Chrous: Im running on the moon
I'm running on the moon
Don't know when I'm coming down
Don't know when I'm coming down
I'm running on the moon
Im running on the moon
Don't know when I'm coming down
Hey, Hey

This is for the kids who are the same
Living on earth
who’ve been hurt
looking for a change
cause they don’t fit in
or feel good in their skin
You join me on the moon
there’s craters that you can run through
I’ll lead the misfits
to embrace existence
fly in our own way
custom cock pits
Everybody’s nobody
somebody’s a Roxas
no they’re not fucking toxic
They just have their own fucking option
I mean Why try and stop it
you have a place to belong
if you need to get away
put on this song
you’ll be up up and away
you can always visit
you can always stay
Maybe I’ll visit earth someday
whenever I come down
don’t know
how good that sounds
might get killed off
cause peace I found
but who really knows
might take the risk
showing my pursuit will find happiness
in free mind
its about time
And this time is spent well
could’ve sold drugs
been in jail
could’ve been dumb
no grades failed
I went to the moon
when shit derailed
when all failed
when all failed...


used to feel so planetary
don’t know when I’m coming down
cause its kinda scary
So I guess I’ll just float up real high
until I fall
crashing from the damn sky

Track Name: Crater Freestyle
They say that I’m human
thats not what I act like
Been compared to Q-Tip
is that Who I rap like?
No you got your own style
oh is that right
I put my own spin on this rap life
I don’t rap about trap life
cause I never lived it
but a silver spoon is what I was never given
I was in the middle
eggs in a McGriddle
Rhymes going over heads
like a gate keeper riddle
check my gamerscore
with what I achieved
dropped 10 mixtapes before I turned 17
I got more hits, then half of these teams
Say this isn’t a real job, I just laugh at these teens
Yall working at McDonald’s
While I’m mapping my dream
like musics my thing
I don’t have a Plan B
Its music or bust
Need Music to make a living
its a must
so in Music I trust
I just sit on my ass
trying to master this craft
In this black crater
Waiting for time to pass
Feeling so isolated
but that was the point
A big reason why I blasted off out of that joint
Track Name: Space Gazing
Meteors are falling
and the stars are calling
for help
I watch from the moon
So many that fell
Bringing wishes down below
having hope expxosed
I just wander
if they know
probably not
no meter
Still puzzled by the black sky
I look to saturn
for a pattern
of Why its like this
anything but nightless
and why was I chosen to run thses craters
Was I meant for something greater
This is what I ponder
as the dark side I wander
I stay in a dent on the side
to be myself as long as I'm alive
How long will I remain me
I guess I'll decide
Really is this an image from a notepad
That would make me so mad
This is my world
the rest of you are in a boat
I'm in the water
with the world
I used to stay afloat
So the moon I'll still run
probably until my span expires
being struck down by the liars.....