by Young Drastic

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I can't die because of music. This project is inspired by that thought of Immortality. The lyrics are however you recieve them. The production varies like the topics on this project. Enjoy


released September 28, 2013

Album Art: Zac "ZP3" Patterson

Production: Stylez-T, Scott Mescudi, HiriiTheHuman, randomblackdude, Heprcam ,Stealth, Greg Mays, Omit, Clams Casino, Nujabes & Fat Jon, Kennstro

Lyrics: Dante' "Young Drastic" White



all rights reserved


Young Drastic Fort Mill, South Carolina

21 year old MC/Producer/Songwriter/Engineer (In progress)

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Track Name: Intro
What to expect
From rejects
When masses are just too deaf
Opinions are so useless
I paint art with no brush
Inspired when rush like august
To master soundtracks
For playbacks, in cranium
Beats harder than titanium
Sometimes I feel the pressure
I’m trying to ignore it
Lies make me feel important
Illusions are so gorgeous
But too busy carving tablets
Pieces of this madness
To listen to these faggots?
This prophecy's from me
Will keep me past death
I’ll never take my last breathe
So why stress?
Track Name: Danny Waves - City Rampage
Its time for a rage fest
Got people in cages
Powered up from the tunes
They powered up from the shrooms
And the glasses raising
Then I take a sip
From the red lips, of a chick
With some bad hips
Aw fuck I need a grip
Before I’m on a guilt trip
Now off I stumble
Only a mumble
Moving through the jungle
Out of my habitat
Scurried across
Real real fast
Young bad rattat
Avoiding mortal kombat
Can't function with my drunk ass
Just off in a daze
Seems like I’ve been walking for days
Thinking thats a local coffee shop
Cause I need a wake up call from a coffee pot
Before my blood get hot
Then I won’t stop
Awh too late
Can’t escape my fate
Cause I’m on a rampage.I’m on a rampage
Someone stop me, someone stop me
I’m on a rampage. I’m on a rampage
Someone stop me. Someone stop me
Track Name: Nig Music (Prod. By HiriiTheHuman)
Chorus (X2): This is for my nigs with cigs and the spliffs
This is for my nigs trying to live
Do it big
This is for my nigs trying to drink the night away
With a real fly chick
Man fuck what others say

[Verse 1]
I hear yall hoop and holler
While I’m working cause my momma fucking wants a scholar
But I’d rather make the music
Maybe make a dollar
And buy a flat screen for my hard working father
That I don’t really bother
But awh fuck what the hell am I kidding
I can’t make it with writtens
I’m too focused on dogs
Eating out for the kitten
Sounds like a pets mart
Never been that pet smart
Only fox with the art
Good thing I had the whiskey
But the luck ran dry
It didn’t make her friskey
She left without getting a hickey
And now I think I’m sickly
Like she didn’t pick me
I guess I’m just a young rash
Dumbass no cash, no flash, and no grass nigga
Man I just try to cool it
But I can’t think straight
To the izzo Im groovin
And now I’m not moving
Oddly it soothing

Chorus (X2)

[Verse 2]
Under a blue moon
And the moon shines
And the troubled kids
Cross new lines
Getting shit faced
At a friends place
Or they sparking ones
Just to reach space
If they fall short
Reach for another case
We can’t slow down the pace
It’s something like a race
I guess we’re just the nigs
Who make bad decisions
We never really listen
Middle finger to opinons
At the end of the night
Trying to feel right
Living for these moments
Future never in sight
Guess its time to pass out
Cause everybody blacked out
Lost track of time and my mind
But whatever, it’s fine
Even down to flat line
Somebody give me a sign
Had too much fun my nigga...

Chorus (X2)

[Verse 3: Danny Waves]

Up the next morning
Can’t remember shit
But its really nothing
Nothing I would fix
Don’t remember this chick
But I got her number
Was it the brunette
Or the really bad blonde
What the hell is going on
Guess yesterday was the time of my life
If I can’t remember shit then
It must’ve went right

Fuck this damn liquor, fuck this damn liquor. Drink that fucking shit just to get a better picture
Man fuck this damn liquor, fuck this damn liquor. Drink that fucking shit just to get a better picture

Fuck this damn liquor, fuck this damn liquor. Now I’m going to the crib cause I’m tired as shit. Man, fuck it. I quit (Laughs)

Chorus (X2)
Track Name: 00:00 (Interlude)
Young artist, is heartless
He feels insignificant
So please pardon
Please don’t harm in

The gods try to arm him
With a strange fruit from a fucking garden
But he’s so confused
He’s fearing that he’ll lose
He doesn’t know what to do
Which way should he choose?

Suicide watch, blood on my clock
The battles fucking over like I’m fucking killing papa doc
The beat stops
It’s beginning to shut down
Apple of her eye
But my windows being shut now
Trapped inside a box
Purchased for a service
Cause I don’t have the service
Of giving more of these verses
With a purpose
So before decomposing
Finish off all my composing
While jimmy burning bush
Not talking moses
Sorry I missed the call
Curtains already closing
Sorry I’m the next victim
That depression has chosen

(Hook) I can’t find my way
Who wants me to stay
Track Name: SkyBloo
Sometimes like you
I get sky blue
Because I’m not true
Hating how you
Are with him
But I don’t wanna argue
So I sit back real bitter
Venting all over twitter
Are you still the same
That I knew
You keep wasting your time
With the same niggas
Its fine
Even though I want to be
What is on your mind
Sorry for shitty messages
Not good with the texting
Most of the shit I do
You don’t seem that interested
Again I say sorry
I blame the music I’m making
And the smiles I’m faking
Makes it easy to lie
And just better just to deny
Its like I hate you
But I care for you all at the same time
When you asked if I was mad at you
Started some of the fibbing
Cause if I told it all
You probably wouldn’t really listen
Really I put it all on me
I stay mad at the mirror
Because of shit that I see
Is what I shouldn't be
I’m no good
I’m no good for you and me,forever bluer than seas
And now I think
That I got that bottle disease
Itll make me feel better
The way you got me under the weather
I could get better whenever...

Its so unhealthy, how blue we are, in this day and age
We’re all SkyBloo
Whether its because of women
Or because we feel we’re not winning
Mostly because our hearts aren’t in it
Track Name: GirlsHateI
Fell for a white skin
She is just my sin
I try to keep it cool
But it’s just between friends
Sometimes I go overboard
With feelings that I can’t ignore
Leaping off this plank
Now my heart just fucking sank
Yes I have you to thank
Cause my mind is going blank
I’ll send a check in the mail
When I’m cross country
Sparing some details
I assume that you hate me
Cause of how we’ve been lately
Didn’t mean to annoy
You don’t gotta hear the boy
I should have my phone destroyed
Was I just decoy, deployed
Awh shit I wonder
It feels you’re holding me under
It sucks I don’t really swim
And now I doubt I’ll sea the sun again
Oh really tell me when
Tell me my friend
You can look for the answer
While I try to meet her standard
What is this, stanford?


These girls hate me
I wonder why
Is it because
I’m a bad guy?
Give me a hint
I don’t get this shit
These girls hate me.
I can tell lately

[Verse 2]

Girls didn’t fuck with me
Like that
But always kept asking for raps
I am no circus act
I can’t do it for you
For a pat on the back
Or to feel like a mac
You like me when its convenient
I can tell you don’t mean it
Just wish I could’ve seen it
Sooner than later
But I was blinded from looks
And I’m dealing with crooks
Now I’m feeling so shook
Never trust covers of books
All I can blame is myself
And what school entails
I did this shit once again
Guess it just never fails
Its like I was on my grind
But I fell off the rail
For another female
Guess I know whats the power
And it gets me real weak
But I put this girl and shit aside
All for writings on beats
Now I’m labeled an ass
Now I’m labeled a freak
Not the attention I seek
Feeling like I was just at my peak
Now I’m just way beneath
Beneath everything
I’m not anything

All cause of these chicks...

Track Name: Young Drastic feat. Greg Mays - This Game
I can’t play
I hate this
This game sucks
I rage quit
She stays controlling my heart
It won’t beat
Please press start
Can we reset
This game froze
I hate this friend zone
Can’t tell her how I really feel
Cause nowadays
Girls hate real
Putting on a fake grin
And keep all this shit in
I can’t lose another friend
Its like this shit is a new trend
If shit keeps going like this
She’ll be gone
When school ends
I need a walk
To clear my head
Of all the things
That’ve been said
Guess I gotta face it
She’s an expert
I’m a novice
With this game
She’ wants a pro
Guess I gotta let her go
Getting back on 360
With the only games that fit me
Its just me and my gamertag
I guess it can’t be that bad
Matter of fact
I like that
This DBZ in HD
Should be rad if you ask me
Now Evil frieza can’t hurt me
Just trust me 
I mean, you’ll see


I Don't feel like playing this game
I Don't feel like playing this game
I Don't feel like playing this game
I Don't feel like playing this game

[Verse 2: Greg Mays]
People are slowly drifting apart
And feeling serpents
They always dart
Don't say what you mean
Or mean what you say
Cause apparently now
Feelings are gay
Gonna go out and clear my mind
Cause whatever I say
Will not be kind

(Chorus X2)

[Guitar & drum solo]

(Chorus X2)
Track Name: Strange (Interlude)
Everything is getting strange around me
I just can’t adapt to these fucking surroundings
My bodies breaking
My heart is pounding
Just gotta chill
Gotta keep me grounded
Had a talk with ZP3
He told me to be me
For my first LP
At first I was biting styles
But now I see
Locked down by aspirations
But now I’m free
Spitting with more hunger
Been starving this summer
Trying to play it smart
While these labels getting dumber
Murdered my fucking gimmick
So they’ll never say that I mimic
Brought back some basics
Keeping people on bases
Not recognizing some faces
Saluting the black flag
While admiring black mags
Not really those damn rags
God blessed america
So bless my chariot
While I chop at niggas just like the patriot
To help a revolution
An evolution of hip hop
As a needed resolution
With no confusion


Man shit keeps getting strange around me
I just want shit to be the same
Man shit's getting strange around me
And it's really fucking with my brain

[Verse 2]

Heart more hollow than mahogany
Losing more interest in monogamy
Married to this game
But love when I sketch
Falling for all these chicks
Can’t get too much breast
Pretty girls everywhere i go
But which one is the best
I think I got a few in mind
But I’m scared to second guess
Oh my god what a mess
You know I had to throw in the usual
From a heartbreak kid
Fucked up individual
To show its more than annual
Man its fucking pitiful
Every time people hear this
They say it’ll be the end of you
End of who
Cause I’ll never die
I’m speaking the truth
My heartbeat never lies

But I guess its up to you
I guess you can decide
I mean Gods never die
And I’m a Demigod...
Track Name: Demigod
What's a God to a King
What's a King to a God
Where the fuck is my applause? (X3)

Where the fuck is my applause? (X2)

[Verse 1]

Half is a God
Half is flesh
There’s no way
I’m facing death
Human body
Immortal flow
Human life
Immortal soul
Writing lows
Just smiting foes
Who would’ve known
The path I chose
Signals to zeus
But whats the use
No one believes
The simple truth
A demigod
Of rap is back
But its only me
Who’s backing that
That’s a fact
That’s a fact
Crash landed, ground is cracked
Time for me to unleash the wrath


[Verse 2]

False wings
From icarus
Or false beams
I’m standing with
Smudged blue prints
I’m planning with
Cause all the norms
Can’t handle this
I’m lighting ways
Here’s candle sticks
So that it’s not hard to miss
We’re not defined by simple laws
Just break the glass
At any cost
For hope of zen
And excellence
With ideas of relevance
I’m getting close rap god level
But I’m bound to burn
New Jerz devil
Just burn me all on the trebel



I am half of a human
I am half of a God
Sorry to you if this seems so odd
But this is real life
This is no mirrage
Half of a human
Half of a God
Sorry to you if this seems so odd
But this is no mirrage
I am a Demigod,I am a Demigod
I am a Demigod, I am a Demigod
I am a Demigod, I am a Demigod

Track Name: Death The Kid
[Verse 1]

Awh damn
Took a shot to the head
Another rap killing
Young sly is dead
Saw this shit coming
Like ghost beside my bed
Why am I talking in 3rd person
To show how the scenes are working
Cooking this shit in meth lab
While I send a cutie off in a death cab
Is she ride or die
Or is she just a bitch
Dumb trick
Dumb trick stabbin daggers in my side
Shit Id rather fuck with pretty twins
Either way Im gonna win
If I’m getting it in,feeling like death the kid
Resonating with soul
Killing off all assignments
If throwing off my allignment
The next rap reaper
Avoiding all the ether
Scythe slicing through every single one of your speakers
Try me
And I’ll beat you to death
And who ever comes next
With these lyrics on deck
Don’t get too far ahead
And try to come at my neck
Savage to the bone
Check beneath the flesh
A demon at rest
Thats me at my best
You could try wearing a vest
I doubt itll work
You’re bound to get hurt
Cause once you get a nigga
He’ll fucking start going bizerk
Trying to quench the thirst
With your career in the hertz
Like if you trap rap
Youll get shot down first
Giving you a chance to spit
Your last verse
But forreal I hate trap rap
Bring that 03,04 even 08 back, Real Rap!

[Verse 2]

Alex ruffin, ron, and nep
Qae kag and hari
The only niggas from lower earth
That fearing from what I’m hearing
Send the other underground to the morgue
That were slouching before
Having their fans ask
What you body them for?
Just to settle the score
You will hear them no more
Guess I’m holding a grudge
They thought they were slicker than sludge
Once they’re cleared out
I can run a muck
Or hover on my board and just not give a fuck
Soon the world will be mine
All I really will say is
Its about time
About time

Real Rap Nigga
Don’t try me or you will get bodied, lyrically
I’m a monster
Track Name: Immortal
Was born be great
Word to john and jackie
I’m glad chasing my dreams
Make my parents happy
I know I’m losing sleep
With this constant rapping
But I refuse to lose
So I gotta make it happen
Very early mornings
Late and vicious nights
Writers block and nightmares
Can't fathom what my visions like
These dark thoughts got me
Turning to a villain
The tragic part of that
Is that I’m ready and I’m willing
Cause heroes get remembered
But legends never die
And with these heros buried
Guess evil’s the other side
Now a niggas restless
Cause more and more I rest less
I’m steady sweating bullets
Worrying bout what the test is
Then I go to a school where judgmental rule
With these harsh mental rules
They trying to find a flaw
Instead of going for the cause
Stab at a fucking flaw
I just hit em with a laugh
Then I try to brush em off
Now Im rushing home
Cutting tracks on a mac
While I’m steady losing fans
That I’m never getting back
The way I live is stressful
Every day in pain
Haven’t really felt the same
Feeling like I got a chess full
And still i step on to the stage
To amuse ya’ll
Its amazing that I didn’t get black balled
Told her over steak that people wanna see me fall
She told me name some people
She don’t believe that shit at all
But now that Im up here doing some show
Some people waiting for a fuck up thinking man I know this shit would blow
But its whatever
Fuck it
Harping on the negatives
They can’t do what I do
I’m more than positive
I hear them talking out of jealousy
Cause my sick ass rhymes and catchy ass melodies
And I can't really blame them
Its scary that I’m changing
My life is rearranging
It is something so amazing
I’m cutting people out
Just like a life size
And I keep my circle small
Like its a Bonsai
Friends are claiming that they’re real
I think I’m getting manti’ed
And its really sad cause I think that its the wrong time
Now I’m in my zone
Blocking off the world around me
Cause thats the first place
That this music really found me
I hope I can unlock all of my true potential
I got feeling in my gut
I’m close to doing something special
I’m feeling untouchable
Feeling like a demigod
Consider me a superhuman
The way I’m dropping bombs.feeling like I’m Harry truman
You think you know sly?
Well figure out the new him
He’s become a nuisance
I don’t need to cower
With these fucking super powers
I went from gentle to a beast
In a matter of hours
Feeling like i’m kid flash
Goofy nigga keep it cordial
But nothing will ever kill me
Nigga I am just Immortal
Track Name: Another Outro
So What's next for, my crazy ass self and this weird music I make
I guess it's the album
First album, Independent
I don't know what else you guys want me to say...
I mean hopefully it's good. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint. Just like I hope, this shit doesn't disappoint
But, you'll see soon I guess..And...Thats It